We offer over 250 outfitters, guides, ranchers, and landowner leases to select from in 36 states and Canada to ensure you have an amazing hunting trip. Our inventory and years of experience hunting and consulting successful hunters allow us to find you the right hunting experience that fits your hunting knowledge, skill level, and physical abilities. We will provide you with a successful hunt and still stay within your budget.

Our goal is the same as yours; for you to enjoy a successful hunting experience and take home something you are proud of. We also know the Western states license lottery inside and out so we can help expedite you getting your correct hunting license.

We book over 40 different game animals as small as Texas' Javelina all the way up to the huge Kodiak Brown Bear of Alaska – so no matter your abilities we can deliver on a hunting experience that you’ll love. Hunting can be a very physical sport. We will obtain you a hunting license in the Western States Draw System. Now if at all possible so that the Buck or Bull dies before you do. 


Tired of the license application process and forms and then not drawing your required license? Have you spent hours learning the states hunting forms and hoping you did not fill it out wrong when everyone else in your group is depending on you? If you did not dot an “i”, or cross a “T”, you may end up spending $120 for it, and not get a license or a point. The horror stories about hunters applying and not getting a license are everywhere. Plus, no points and not getting a refund are everywhere, and the Western States are quite aggressive about that. They have your, money, other than that, they don’t care there are plenty of hunters behind you. Let Watchdog do it for you. Sleep well and have your preference points, and licenses mailed to your front door with Watchdog.