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A Tip to Remember for those that Like Hunting Big Mule Deer late season when you have the place to yourself this is the time to hunt Nebraska for the big bucks. With today's in-Line Muzzleloaders and Nebraska opening up the Muzzleloader restriction to allow any scope and any bullet this is the time to catch him when he is trying to recover from the rut and gets lazy. Licenses are over the counter statewide and the season is open for the whole month of December!

Archers at the same time can eve use crossbows with no handicap permit required. You will have the private land to yourself, you will just need to share it with the deer.


Trophy Nebraska Mule Deer take 3 points to draw. It is Nebraska's pearl when it comes to Mule Deer. It is the only unit that requires points to draw a deer license for Mule or Whitetail Deer.

6002 -NE-S-M-1495-Frenchman-WDeerTurkey-OKM3CCO-M7RJ-OH8N-SG Corn River


A menagerie of hunting options from Mule Deer in the pastures, whitetail in the river bottoms. Don't forget the turkey's pheasants, Doves and waterfowl. along with even Buffalo.

6003-NE-G-L-3000-NOR-MDeerWDeerBuffaloPheasantTurkeyPDogsDoveWaterfowl-REG5ORYG-CS6HR-RA7IGC-Multiple Animals


7000 acres of Semi-Guided farm and Ranchland lots of whitetails and a very experience landowner. The farm has a northern part that is Mule Deer and whitetail but the bulk of the hunting is for good whitetail. There is a 1-year wait for the Mule Deer hunting area and only 3 bucks are taken each year.

6004-NE-S-M-1500-KP-WDeerMDeerTurkey-AP3ERN-T4RR-M5MYTO-High Success Whitetail


Two 4000 acres ranches with corn and alfalfa, a DIY/Semi Guided hunt 4000 acres each group.

6005-NE-S-M-1900-NP-MDeerWDeerTurkey-ATTEN7ORTHPl-L2LBI-Good MDeer


This is a good true Mule Deer in the Sandhills hunt, low impact because it is driving, spot and stalk hunting. When you spot the buck it is quickly getting out of the vehicle and stalk back to him. In Rifle, you are hunting during the rut which is a great experience. 1st 4 days of season books early but there is usually an opening during the last 4 days of the season.

6008-NE-G-L-6000-Sandhills-MDeerWDeer-ADR2ONCH-M1D-OT1tSC- Low Impact Big Muleys


The Best Mule Deer Whitetail Hunt to come along within a long time, Guided, Meals and Lodging while hunting 65,000 acres. 100% Success of course. Great archery and late-season Muzzleloader.

6011-NE-MDeerWDeerBirds-NTI4NEVALE-R1WC-K2EMI-Good Mule Deer and Whitetail


Guided Meals and Lodging around the Irrigated Corn Fields in the Sandhills     BOOKED

6013-NE-G-L-2695-Plains-MDeer-NE-OSHO4SHK-R1S-YC2O-Muleys in Corn and Sandhills\




This has basically two farms for hunting. One is for whitetail and one is for Mule Deer. You are able to shoot either. The first 4 days of the season are booked each year leaving the second 4 days of Rifle all archery and all Muzzleloader available. The 2nd half of rifle usually books up in April but usually, the archery or Muzzleloader seasons are available.

6015-NE-S-C-1295-PineRidge-MDeerWDeerAntelopeTurkey-ITN2EYWH-M1CA-SAM2ELI-Lots of Country



This is a small operation with a lot of lands. If you want the first 4 days of the rifle Season you will need to book it a year in advance, otherwise, it is the second half of the rifle season that is available until April. The Muzzleloader December along with anytime archery is what is available. Not a bad time because the second half is the prime of the Mule Deer and The Whitetail Rut!

6018-NE-S-C-2300-SandHills-MDeerWDeer-LL2ENMU-R1RD-T2AP-Whitetail & Mule Deer



A total of only 4 hunters per year, 2 the first half and the second half of the rifle season. All are guided with meals and lodging with the woman and man that have lived there many, many years and know the Mule Deer traits, as well as the Mule Deer, know them themselves. There is also some great whitetail on this ranch but the primary is Mule Deer. As a rule, they don't hunt the Archery or Muzzleloader season. This hunt usually stays booked but if it does become available it does book up a year in advance.

California -

Aoudad, Fallow Deer, Sitka Deer, Catalina Goats, Muflon Rams 

3001-CA-G-L-2500-SE-HogsBuffaloExoticsBDeerAoudadBirdTurkeyVarmint-L1OSS-W2OB-YTONC3LA-Many Discounted Animals


Colorado -

Hogs, Catalina Goat, Spanish Goat, White Fallow Deer, Chocolate Fallow Deer, Spotted Fallow Deer, White Ram, Barbado Ram, Black Barbado Ram, Painted Desert Ram, and Merino Ram.

5025-CO-S-C-1495-421-ElkMDeer-RANCO5LLB-CR1L-LA1NA-Deer Elk and Exotics